I am a barrister at Oriel Chambers in Liverpool doing mainly PI and commercial work, but I also have a kind of sweeping up role doing cases that don’t fit into any neat pigeon hole and no one else wants to touch.  I’ve been at it a while too – I was called in 1986, so next year will see me drowning my sorrows at a 30 year anniversary.  A dubious accolade.

I take photographs from time to time as well as the day job.   I try to stand in front of interesting things and press a shutter.  It usually works OK.  I’ve had various exhibitions in Liverpool, both solo and as part of a group and occasionally some publication or other sees fit to print my work, with or without my permission.  Liverpool is a city that inspires me and I think it’s worth documenting the events and general goings on, so I try and shoot as much of it as I can.  Sometimes I go to other places and take pictures there as well.  I kind of just record my world as it happens around me.  I generally post my work on flickr under the semi amusing username of mobilevirgin – https://www.flickr.com/photos/mobilevirgin/ and on my under updated website – www.p3dro.co.uk