I am a family lawyer based in Liverpool. I am also a mixed media/textile artist and have had work exhibited in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe as well as here in the UK, most recently at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe. I am currently also in the 6th European Quilt Triennial in Heidelberg, Germany.. My current large-scale work is inspired by graffiti and themes of immigration and broken communication. I was a member of the Twelve by Twelve international art quilt group founded by fellow artist in law Diane Perin Hock and co-author of the eponymous book. I now exhibit alone and with the Etcetera Group.

For this project I have made available some of the smaller ‘taster’ works from my graffiti series. Those include a set inspired by Indian Street Food – the result of all our Artists in Law planning meetings at Mowgli Street Food, the Liverpool restaurant founded by former barrister Nisha Katona. Also available are some of the smaller embroidered works I make as ‘meditations’ whilst ruminating about my next large work. One set of these is based on the colours of Formby Beach. I amused myself with the litigation /art pun as I made the ‘Bundles’ series out of genuine African cloths bought from my friend’s store, The African Fabric Shop, based in Meltham.

Photography is a more recent passion and I have chosen to provide images that link to my graffiti theme but also works that ranges from my backyard (literally) to travel images. Other works  were made just a short walk from the courts in Liverpool at lunchtime and others in London when I was tutoring on training courses there. Law and art, art and law. The two sides of my life!