A quick word about buying images from us.

We are using PhotoBox to print and despatch any of the images you wish to buy. There are various products on offer – different sized prints for you to add to your own frames, box framed prints and canvas prints.

You can see what a canvas print looks like here and what a box framed print looks like here.. the larger prints use pro-poster paper which you can see here.

At the top of each photo gallery page is a link that will take you to PhotoBox. From there you can select your product and enter your order details. Please be aware we have no control over this ordering process and you are responsible for selecting the product you require.

Also, please note, not all of the images easily fit all of the PhotoBox size options. Once you get to the checkout page on PhotoBox there is an option for you to check the image and, importantly, for you to see a preview of the crop, which can be changed if you wish, or arranged so the whole image is printed with some white space around it. You can see the printer’s information about this, including specimen images for each option, here. ( click on the ‘cropping tab’.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line from the Contact page.